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Dec 23, 2009
sorry i hvnt been updating this blog of mine. like you ppl read liddat :P anw, im very blessed to have my very sweeeeeet family. they planned fr me a sweet 16 party. and im verryyyyyyy surprised ^^ ilovemyfamily cos i have an ideal sweet 16. im veryveryvery happy to be turning 6 lorrrrh. teehehehehehe. pictchas in fb. makeup credit to my auntie nadia ^^ i had fun,hope whoeve came did too !! ^^ next off, we went fr a short family getaway. at occ. heavenlyyyyy ! yeayyyy ! hahhahahaha. okay.i wnna make this short and simple. i gt no mood to blog. tmrw or so okay ? :D and im totally over huhuhu cos i've gt my eye on ermmmmm and *giggles* ^^
yours truly, the lady.
gnna start calling my blog like i call my boyfriend that i dnt have
Dec 18, 2009
Hello sayang !!! im back lah b! :D omg pejam celik pejam celik. then it's 19th tmrw. hehehehehe. b. im excited lorrrh. i cnt wait to hug all my bbygurls. and b, im turning 16 in 3 days. hehehhehe that aside. i went fo audition and taman warisan just now. i dnt give a hoots nimore cos confirm chop twist im not in ^^ tkpe kan b ? ader auditions lainnnn ~ :D bt fr now, i gtta build up my confidence fr the next auditions. ^^ and righttttt. i met new peepos jst nw, i met shaliya, fatimah, aishah, elly and 2 other girls whom idk the name. hehehehehehe. i look decent sia just nw ^^ teehee. so that aside. i cnt wait for tmrw. am i sppose to be excited anot ? im gg bonkers thinking abt it. and i gt butterfly in my no choice bt to paint my nails. mummy never buy fr me fake gorgeous nails. hmph. so plan is, get ready at shafiqah's house and cme home ^^ . so party is at home nenonenoneno. wawa's gnna meet hady tmrw. she's overthemoon excited sia b.hahahhaha. funneh ^^ and aai gg si roadshow before cming over here. teehehehe ^^. hmmm the below post is for you ppl. kalau terase, then im pretty sure im talking abt you.

i dnt understand why you cnt attend my party when there's other events that is much more later then my party. hmmmm. im nt that impt huh ? lemme tell you sth. it hurts me so much. you say you're nt cming. bt you're giving the wrong reasons. i dnt get it. just so you know, im nt happy with you. and nt gnna layan you fo now.

yours truly, the lady.